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CandySCL community application

Posted: 11 Nov 2019, 21:30
by CandySCL
Hello !
I'd like to join (re-join?) community of CE :)

1) Current/Previous RS Display Name:

2) What other clans/teams are you currently in?
LHR (2008)
LM (2009)
TG (2009)
LM (2009)
Clan Europe (2010ish)

3) Why would you like to become a Community member?
I don't have requirements to join as a full member

4)Whom do you know in Clan Europe:
H. A. Richards
Bandit Girl

(if they are still members and remember me too)

5) Post a picture showing RSB/PVM gear with RS username visible (Not required if you don't want to do either events):
I'm not even a member.

6) Do you understand Discord and TeamSpeak is mandatory?

7) What is your Discord ID?

Re: CandySCL community application

Posted: 14 Nov 2019, 12:50
by Fire Hawk154
Added you on discord :)