Clan Friend Application Form

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Clan Friend Application Form

Post by Miroorules » 18 Jul 2018, 20:32

Clan Europe Clan Friend Application

Clan Europe Clan Friend Application is INVITE ONLY at the moment.
Please message an official on Discord before applying.
Clan Friend-rank is for non-European Warriors only.

Application Form:

Fill in the application form completely and then paste the entire code in a New Topic in this forum. Take care with your application, first impressions are important. If you spend 30 seconds doing it, we'll spend 30 seconds considering it, simple as that. Our required gear is listed below:

Click here for a full list of the Required Gear
Amulet of Power
Green D'hide Vambraces, Green D'hide Body, Green D'hide Chaps
Guthix Full Helm, Guthix Platebody, Guthix Kiteshield & Guthix PlateSKIRT
Rune Full Helm, Rune Platebody, Rune Kiteshield & Rune PlateSKIRT
Rune Battleaxe & Rune Scimitar
Black Robe Top
Zamorak Robe Bottom
Leather Boots & Leather Vambraces
Staff of Fire
1000 Death, 2000 Nature, 3000 Earth & Water, 4000 Air & 5000 Fire Runes
1000 Adamant Arrows & 1 Maple Shortbow
Team-17 Cape & Team-37 Cape
500 Anchovy pizzas
30 Strength Potions (4) & 30 Energy Potions (4)
Clan Friend Application Form

Code: Select all

[b]1) Current/Previous RS Display Name:[/b]

[b]2) Who are your Referrals?[/b]

[b]3) What other clans/teams are you currently in?[/b]

[b]4) Why would you like to become a Clan Friend?[/b]

[b]5)Post a picture showing that you have the following required gear with your RS username visible:

[b]6)Do you understand Discord and TeamSpeak is mandatory?[/b]

[b]10) What is your Discord ID?[/b]

Best of luck with your Application,
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