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Application Process

Post by Fire Hawk154 » 08 Feb 2018, 13:36

This topic contains all the information about how to Join Clan Europe. If you have any questions before applying please feel free to come into our Public Discord ( and PM a staff member for assistance.

1) Requirements:
  1. You must live in Europe.
  2. You must have 120+ Combat.
  3. You must have 70+ Prayer.
  4. You must have 96+ Ranged & 90+ Magic OR, 96+ Magic
  5. You must have Discord and TeamSpeak3 downloaded.
  6. You must have all the required gear.
  7. You must have a respectable personality.

2) Rules:

Ensure you are familiar with all our rules, they are easy to understand - everyone knows when they've crossed the line and depending on the rule broken and the severity, the punishment could be anywhere from a Verbal Warning, a Suspension all ultimately leading to being Kicked from Clan Europe. Each case is looked at individually by the Leaders.

You will be required to read the Boardrules to be able to apply found here:
A shortened version of our rules is found below:
  1. We ALLOW Multi-clanning.
  2. Members are REQUIRED be active at events and on forums.
  3. Members MUST be in Discord or TeamSpeak while playing RuneScape.
  4. Flaming, Baiting, Trolling or Racism anywhere, to anyone, is NOT tolerated whatsoever.
  5. Do NOT swear excessively, spam the forums or post adult material.
  6. Do NOT Scam Items, Accounts, Passwords or Safe-to-Dangerous Lure.
  7. Respect EVERY Member of the clan.
  8. NEVER leak any of CE's information.
  9. Do NOT report fellow or opposition clan members for clan related spamming.
  10. Clan Europe is an HONOR clan.

3) Application System:

This section gives you a step-by-step guide on what our application system consists of and what you will have to do to join Clan Europe as a Full Member. Please read carefully, if you have any questions, PM a staff member in Discord (
  • Register an account and Log-In.
  • Copy, paste and fully complete the Application Form below into a New Topic in this forum.
    Once all done your application will be accepted and you'll be made a Trial Member.

Your application will be moved to a Progress Forum:
  • You will need at least 2 Referrals (Inviters), and you will have 3 weeks to prove yourself.
  • You will need to post Videos from your perspective of all wars on your application topic.
  • Once done, PM a Leader and you'll be made a Full Member.
Members who were kicked for breaking rules are unlikely to be re-accepted.

4) How to make a video for your Application:

Click HERE and follow the guide to learn how to make a video for your Application.

Best of luck with your Application,
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~CE Staff

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